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Dear Bhoomie Friends,

Earlier this year, March to be exact, a character revealed himself on my journal page. He seemed funny and kind and welcomed all kinds of creatures to dance around him and live on his shoulders. He reminded me of the Greek god Atlas that carried the sky on his shoulders and in that moment our Bhoomie King Atlas was born. From this noble king a story grew and after lots of tea, lots of rewrites and even more re-paints we ended up with our very own illustrated fairy tale. This year’s calendar carries a very special gift, a twelve-page selfie of Leafy Crown himself and of course all the lovely creatures around him.   

Also included in this year's A3 calendar:

  • A Bhoomie potion for you to try every month
  • A sneak peek into some Bhoomie secrets
  • Enchanted Objects
  • A sneak peek into Bhoomieland
  • Monthly Story Suggestion
  • The Calendar Playlist
  • 12 Illustrations for you to use as gift wrap (can be seamed together and generate one large artwork or be used to wrap a giant present)

May 2019 fill you with spectacular shades of enchantment!

Lie-Lie & The Bhoomies

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